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World of Conquer Server Code of Conduct

  • Respect for Staff: Always uphold respect and courtesy towards the World of Conquer Staff (GMs & PMs), Insults, curses, rumors, or falsehoods about them or the server are strictly prohibited.
  • Spam Prevention: Spamming World of Conquer Staff members is not allowed and will result in a 24-hour chat ban.
  • Transactions and Trades

  • External Transactions: Selling, trading, or exchanging accounts, items, or CPs (currency points) outside of the game is strictly forbidden and may lead to a permanent ban.
  • Real Money Deals: Trading accounts/items/CPs for real-world money is prohibited. Reporting such activities will earn you the item/account for free.
  • In-Game Currency Transactions: Purchasing accounts using in-game currencies such as CPs or Funds is permitted, but previous reports on the account are your responsibility and will be handled according to these rules.
  • Real Money CP Purchases: Buying CPs from players with real money is discouraged, as it may result in the loss of both the CPs and the money spent.
  • Advertising Restrictions

  • Advertising or mentioning other servers is banned. Sharing a web address results in a permanent ban, while other forms of advertising lead to a 30-day ban on the first offense and a permanent ban on subsequent offenses.
  • Exploitation and Glitches

  • Exploiting in-game bugs or glitches is prohibited. Report any bugs immediately to [email protected] to avoid a permanent ban.
  • Request Etiquette

  • Do not request levels, items, CPs, or any freebies from GMs/PMs. Persistent begging or spamming can lead to a 7-day chat ban.
  • Bot Usage

  • Using bots in-game is banned. Offenders will be sent to Bot Jail for 30 days, with the option to pay for release up to three times. Further offenses result in a permanent ban.
  • Anti-Scamming Policy

  • Scamming other players is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Data Usage

  • Your account data will only be utilized through World of Conquer Clients or https://worldofconquer.online/.
  • Zero Tolerance for Racism

  • Racist behavior is not tolerated. Any racial offense, even in jest, will result in a 7-day account lock.
  • Player Conduct

  • Offensive behavior towards other players, including using their names, religions, profanity, derogatory names, or offensive/pornographic language, is forbidden. Religious offenses will lead to a computer block, while other offenses will result in escalating chat bans (7 days for the first offense, 30 days for the second, and 1 year after three offenses).
  • Event Fairness

  • Cheating or disrupting events is not allowed. Offenders will be punished accordingly.
  • No Threats

  • Threatening other players is prohibited and will result in a 30-day chat ban. Report cheating with evidence, and we will address it firmly.

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